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Our goal is to purchase a mobile clinic to provide early breast cancer detection services in the West Bank and cover the costs of tests and procedures for advanced breast cancer in the Gaza Strip. We are accepting donations globally through our campaign website.
Wednesday October 26, 2016 From 10:00 AM To 10:00 PM

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to every individual and organization, who participated, donated, and attended the Marathon Concert on October 26th , 2016 in Ramallah. You made this concert a phenomenal and unique event aimed at supporting a noble and humanitarian cause. The funds raised were invested by the Marathon Concert Partners to provide early detection exams for women who are in a difficult social situation in the Gaza Strip.

The funds also enabled the acquisition of a mobile clinic equipped with a mammography device for the early detection of breast cancer to be operating soon with marginalized and vulnerable communities who can not access such services in the West Bank. The truck is about to be delivered with the medical equipment. The mobile clinic should be operational by early 2018. On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wish you all a healthy and prosperous life.


We want to increase access to healthcare services for women in Palestine.



Join Le Trio Joubran Marathon concert one of, if not the biggest cultural gathering in Palestine, and the largest fundraising event. We are accepting worldwide contributions through our website. If you're in Palestine,you can contribute through Bank of Palestine's branches or ATMs. There will also be a minimum 20 NIS contribution at the entrance. People are welcomed to come back any time

The Marathon Concert will start at 10:00 AM and go on for approximately +12 hours of non-stop music. Le Trio Joubran will be joined by 41 guest artists; singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, and poets. This will be one of, if not, the biggest cultural gathering in Palestine.

Bank of Palestine will donate $1 per purchase using Bank of Palestine card during the fundraising campaign.


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